Katoomba Veterinary Clinic

59 Waratah street
Katoomba, NSW 2780







Michele Plessnitzer - practice manager and owner

Michele completed her Certificate IV in Veterinary nursing in 2012 and since joining us in 2010 has moved rapidly to become practice manager and part owner of the clinic due to her strong organisational and practical nursing skills.


Her experience with her own varied list of pets, be it dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs, hermit crabs or reptiles complement the diversity of patients seen at Katoomba Vets.  







Merin Foran - Head Surgical Nurse and owner


Merin is an experienced veterinary nurse who has worked with us since 2009. She is responsible for the smooth running of the surgical side of the practice. Her strong work ethic and interpersonal skills have made her a welcome member of the management team.


Merin has a broad range if interests ranging from giant breed dogs to roller derby. She is a lover and advocate of Greyhounds and helped develop the clinic’s relationship with Greyhound Rescue. Merin has lived in Katoomba for a number of years and this enables her to be close by in emergencies at the clinic out of hours. She also runs the puppy preschool classes.





Stacee Mills


Stacee has been with us for two years. After volunteering as part of her tafe work placement she moved to full time in December upon completing her certificate 4 in veterinary nursing.


She loves all aspects of nursing and intends to study further in canine and feline behaviour. Stacee has a dog called Frankie (also known as 'Cranky Frankie) and a kitty called Belle.


She also runs the puppy preschool classes.








Natasha Carter

Natasha is a familar face to many our our clients and has worked at Katoomba Veterinary clinic for over 10 years. She attained her Certificate IV in nursing in 2003 and plays and integral role in the day to day running of the clinic.


When not at work she spends time down on her property in Hartley with her husband and toddler, taking care of her multitude of sheep, chooks, peacocks, ducks, cats and dogs.








Bernadette O'Brian


Bernadette (AKA Bernie) is our newest staff member, joining us in December. She commenced her vet nursing studies at Tafe this year and her cheerful nature has made her a welcome addition to our current staff.


In her spare time, Bernie enjoys riding her horse, ‘Jewel-baby’and is an avid reader. She is mum to little miss Amelia who is 5 years old and also has a red cattle cross staffy called ‘Sally’.


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